Analog Fund

Save. Invest. Adapt..


What is Analog Fund?


Founded in 2017, Analog Fund is a new species of wealth advisor. We develop products that are essential to the future of superannuation.

Our extensive research inspires our innovative approach to your super.

We care about

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Save. Invest. Adapt.


How does Analog Fund benefit me?

Your occupational skill-set is an essential contributor to your wealth. But as technology changes, the value of your skills change too. 

This is where your journey with Analog Fund begins. 

Analog Fund will allow you to invest smarter by considering how your investment decisions can complement your skills.  







How can I learn more?

We are in the process of developing super products that will be available to the public.

In the meantime, our innovative risk assessment will provide insights into the susceptibility of your current skill-set to change, and how this relates to existing investment practices.  

This information is essential to your risk profile and will allow us to build better products for you.